New Generation

Yesterday I drove passed a high school on my way into a new town and i spotted a destitute girl walking home with a top shoving her abdomen and shorts which revealed her backside.

My inner voice was screaming in the back of my head trying to convince me to show compassion.

Her parents probably do not have enough money to pay her new clothes which is why she has to wear the same stuff for years even though she grew out of them.

So I pulled the car over and ran after her with my new bought blanket which smelled like my exclusive leader seat. When I had caught my breath I gave her my blanket because she must have been so cold and exposed. I offered her a ride in my sophisticated and extremely fashionable car because that is what well-behaved Gentleman do. She must have been so overwhelmed owing to my kindness which leaded to her preposterous reaction. Her expression was a mix of sceptical thoughts and a little bit of fear. I noticed her hand slipping into her bag. I persuaded her she would not have to remunerate me for my actions. The girl grabbed hairspray and sprayed it into my face.

Those children were more traumatized than I thought.

This town needed a hero! The perfect preoccupation for a selfless person like me.

I , Charles Carlo had a mission but all respectable and successful heros have a friend on their side.Shortly after the idea crossed my mind I already located a upper-class girl with gorgeuos tights and a revealing red dress. She must be related to a princess. I hastily went to her and tipped on her shoulder because I did not want to lose more precious time searching for an assistant.

Gracefully her head turned around and I was like struck by lightning.

Her lips were swollen and suck in dark red blood. Her eyebrows were two bars above her green and blue coloured eyes. They must have attacked her because she was the only person dressed presentable. Not just inadequate social performance, this town occupied seriously dangerous lunatics. I convinced the woman to take a seat and reassured her because her massive lips hampered her while she tried to talk.

I poured cold water over her face to reduce the swelling. Her skin and her eyebrows began to peel away so I attempt to dry it with a tissue. It seamet to get worse because now her whole face gleamed in different colours. The woman got upset and extricate herself from me.

The people around us started taking pictures and videos and encouraged me because they were so happy about a person who helped a victim of pure aggressiveness. I was a blessing for this town.

The police officers thought the same about my action because they helped me to get out of the crowd by holding my arms. At least they were dressed acceptly!!

I was planning to give light to other people as well.



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